Weed aficionados are searching for venues to interact with other pot fans online as the product becomes even more mainstream and acceptable. There are now, more than ever before, a plethora of virtual cannabis online communities dedicated to all things weed-related.


These social networking sites cater to a wide spectrum of cannabis enthusiasts, from cannabusiness entrepreneurs to potheads to weed enthusiasts. With the growing popularity of cannabis companies, it’s more vital than ever to discover new methods to interact with your audience and market your brand.

Cannabis Business Network You Can VisitIf you’re a cannabis company owner, you’ll find this post useful. We’ll go through the top 5 cannabis business networks as well as alternative ways to expand your company. Continue reading for more information.

  • Top 5 Cannabis Business Social Networks
    • WeedLife
    • HighThere
    • MassRoots
    • GrassCity Forums
    • LeafWire
  • Things You Can Do to Grow Your Cannabis Business Network
    • Create a Plan
    • Have a Goal
    • Connect With Other Cannabis Professionals
    • Get Help from Industry Influencers


Top 5 Cannabis Business Social Networks


WeedLife, commonly known as “the weed Facebook,” is a popular social media site and leisure for the pot industry. It offers an appealing, always-updating timeline style that features all cannabis-related, such as updates, testimonials, and how-to instructions.


WeedLife is an all-encompassing cannabis networking site for individuals and businesses to explore anything connected to weed, according to insiders. It features a user-friendly website as well as mobile applications for all devices, making it more accessible to pot enthusiasts all over the world.


Many people now visit WeedLife for the most up-to-date marijuana updates as well as to look for cannabis goods and businesses in their region. Although a few technological issues, it is a trendsetter in the digital world since it preserves the social component by allowing users to establish profiles.


You can also upload videos, and pictures, and participate in one of the most prominent pot discussions. People and businesses can both register for free. WeedLife is a consumer-oriented platform, whereas MJlink is more of a business-to-business channel.



If WeedLife is the Facebook of the marijuana industry, HighThere is the Tinder of the marijuana scene. It’s cannabis software for meeting up with other smokers. The app seeks your personal information and your activity level when intoxicated once you install the app, so it can pair you with possible mates.


High There brings you your new favorite networking platform by combining all of your top social networks and wrapping them in a cannabis tie. Using the app would have something to offer to everyone, whether you’re new to the pot world or a seasoned veteran.


High There’s a one-of-a-kind site that offers a variety of connecting possibilities, including investment and career guidance, must-read cannabis articles, and friendship-building features to link you with other cannabis enthusiasts and professionals.


High There began as a dating app but has now evolved into a community of cultivators, smokeshops, traders, enthusiasts, marketers, and everyone in between. The software is available for free on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



MassRoots is among the industry’s earliest sites; if nothing else, MassRoots deserves a note for surpassing the 1 million user milestone. The page is less sociable than the others since there are no user profiles or an emphasis on communicating with others.


It’s similar to Yelp or Trustpilot in that you can discuss and evaluate goods while also uploading images and videos. MassRoots is one of the first social media platforms geared exclusively for cannabis users, having been founded in 2013 by then-college seniors Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight.


The first online service expanded quickly, thanks to word-of-mouth and internet forums. It’s becoming one of the most popular sites for those seeking the best shops, goods, or just to learn more about pot.


MassRoots also includes strains and products, as well as providing consumers with the latest industry trends, so any cannabis company may profit from this cutting-edge site.


GrassCity Forums

The GrassCity forums are the oldest weed networking site on the internet. GrassCity began as a community for marijuana producers that they could discover how-to instructions and tell their stories.


However, it has now evolved into an all-encompassing social media platform where individuals can communicate, share weed tales, and swap advice and product evaluations.


GrassCity has almost 700,000 members and has recently developed a mobile phone app to make it easier to view from any gadget. Users may communicate with other weed smokers and debate the latest marijuana-related politics and laws on this site.



LeafWire, founded in 2018, is a cannabis industry networking site with a more professional focus than a leisure one. It’s been dubbed the “LinkedIn” of the pot industry. There are two types of profiles available: weed professional and authorized entrepreneur.


LeafWire is a platform that connects investors with marijuana entrepreneurs. You can connect with financiers if you are a company owner. If you’re an investor, you’ll be able to assess a variety of pot firms.


With yearly sales of over $25 billion and 250,000 employees, the marijuana sector is booming. LeafWire is taking advantage of this trend, and a clever cannabis company owner may benefit from it.


LeafWire is also a great place to communicate with other experts in the field. In fact, people with expertise in the marijuana market may use the LeafWire network to locate their next employment. This is an excellent social media platform for pot entrepreneurs and professionals looking to get into the sector.


Things You Can Do to Grow Your Cannabis Business Network

Create a Plan

To start socializing, make a list of all the weed industry contacts you presently have. After that, make a list of all of the folks you’d like to contact. You may utilize social media to see whether your connection and your bucket-list have any shared affiliations on your very first list.


If any changes arise, simply contact your common contacts to ask if they would be willing to make a recommendation for you. But, as usual, make sure your appeal is focused. Understanding your strengths and limitations before starting the plan is also important.


Begin with a phone call or a coffee appointment and work your way up from there. There will very certainly be many gaps remaining once you’ve gone through your shared relationships. This is where devising a strategy for strengthening present relationships while ignoring new ones comes into play.


Have a Goal

You must clarify your goal before putting all your effort into your network. Would you like to engage as a weed farmer, at a store, or in the constantly changing political and regulatory environment?


In addition, if you’re seeking potential clients for your company, your marketing should be focused and attentive to your customers’ demands. Add to your list of prospective connections once you’ve figured out what you want to do. Select persons who share your interests.


You’ll notice that as your action plan progresses, you’ll become much more careful with your time. You may improve your chances of socializing engagement by being strategic with your marketing.


Connect With Other Cannabis Professionals

You should follow and connect with other companies that are beneficial to the organization on social sites to grow your online networking impact and position yourself as a leading manufacturer.


If you run a shop, for example, you may engage and interact with the cannabis-related products you offer. To improve your public profile, like and promote their articles and online posts, and even connect to their current fan base to boost your prospective clients.


It helps to establish your reputation as a reputable cannabis company in the market. If a company or corporation responds by following you or giving you a shout-out, their followers will see you as a real brand.


Get Help from Industry Influencers

Another significant social media approach for cannabis businesses is to tap into influencer marketing who already attracted a lot of pot consumers. Work with an influencer whose material is consistent with your company’s ideals.


You have the option of working with macro- or micro-influencers. You may even combine the two to create a strong content marketing strategy. They may be highly useful in terms of raising brand awareness and increasing conversions.


Additionally, micro-influencers have a fan base of 10,000 to 100,000 people. You may depend on them to urge their supporters to interact with your brand and perhaps buy from you because they are known for delivering tailored information on a certain passion.

Cannabis Business Network You Can Visit


The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding, and digital marketing is a fantastic method to reach out to new consumers. While standard social media sites should not be overlooked, these one-of-a-kind and creative sites are created exclusively for weed companies and consumers.

While this is by no means a complete list of marijuana social networks, it is critical that you participate in them if you own a business or are considering entering the sector. They’re all operated competently, with the high aim of bringing together companies and cannabis aficionados for the community’s common benefit.