Whether you are starting out or have been in business for quite some time your cannabis brand can always benefit from the use of a cannabis marketing platform. Gone are the days when stoners had to know someone who knew someone just to get some weed. Today, brands need to grab the attention of potential customers and the best way to do that is through marketing specifically to them with the help of cannabis marketing platforms.

But where can you market your cannabis products? This is where cannabis marketing platforms come in. With the tools available through these websites, running campaigns, tracking data on the performance of your brand, supervising social media presence, and creating content can become easier, more efficient, and faster. These are 3 cannabis platforms that can boost your business:

  • Sprout
  • Signum.AI
  • Traffic Roots

Do you think everything is over because you know where to go? Read on for the information that will guide you in choosing which of these cannabis marketing platforms work best for your goals. Below are the 3 cannabis marketing platforms that can boost your business with the digital marketing strategy and tools it needs.

digital marketing strategy

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How Can It Help You?

Sprout is a pioneer in Customer Relationship Management. If you are a dispensary its services are specially targeted towards you. This goes for most cannabis brands as well. The platform aims to aid cannabis businesses in raising their revenues through brand awareness and connecting with customers.

With 20 years of experience in CRM and marketing platforms, Sprout’s team is a well-oiled machine, serving businesses over 28 states.

Their marketing tools allow you to see a 360 degree perspective on all your customers and patients as well as message your customers at the appropriate times. This can really help you create a relationship with your potential clients. Additionally, Sprout can help you compose specific marketing lists and create meaningful multimedia content that you can send directly to consumers’ mobile devices. It also makes sure your social media is not neglected, integrating this aspect to the mix. A free demo is available if you want to feel out the platform first. You can request a quote if you want to know how pricing goes.


How Can It Help You?

Signum.AI data solutions can help you in 4 areas. First of all, you can get hot segmented B2C leads for your ad campaigns. Second, you can get specific B2B leads with less of a budget due to the AI technology. You are also able to track trends as they surface in order for you to make the viral content that will lead people to you. Lastly, external data will be provided to you in order for you to get your advertising campaigns out there. The team handles 300 external data providers and helps you get the data you need to close in on leads. If you want to try it out you can book a demo on the website. You can contact them on their website to know the pricing that is specific for you.

cannabis marketing strategy

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Traffic Roots

How Can It Help You?

They claim this is the one marketing platform for dispensaries that does not use ad restrictions. You can get traffic to your brand by getting you out there through video ads on more than 160,000 websites within their marketing circle. You can advertise at a micro or macro level— no restrictions. They have several solutions that can boost your sales. The first is a self service portal. Traffic Roots can help you run ads in bigshot publications like Glamour or Rolling Stones. You can analyze reports on these ads and update them in real time. Get customers to come to you and get to know your brand from the websites they enjoy visiting the most.

Traffic Roots DSP you can run compliant CBD and cannabis ads to major publications like Rolling Stones and Glamour. Update campaigns and review reports in real time. Drive traffic to your brand from the websites your consumers frequent. Gain managed ad solutions such as CRM/1st Party Data Targeting, gathering data to expand your reach to larger audiences through looking at the demographics of your current customers, introducing your brand to people that are most often with your potential customers, and more. The information available to you is incredibly useful in understanding your leads and how to get more just like them. The platform can also help you become a publisher and monetize your website.

Final Thoughts

The cannabis market is getting more competitive as weed legalization is stimulating the industry. As such you cannot simply rely on your instincts alone to market your cannabis business. Try a cannabis marketing platform to help you with all the statistics that go into growing your revenue, your number of loyal customers, and a beloved brand.