Local farmer’s markets are exhilarating events, lots of fresh food, exciting people to mingle with, choices upon choices— every gastronomy fan’s wildest dream put into action. For cannabis connoisseurs, recreational weed lovers, inquisitive medicinal patients, and curious marijuana virgins, a cannabis farmers market is a whole new ballpark beyond any familiar dispensary around the corner. 

Deals, samples and an energetic buzz awaits you at this gathering of marijuana owners. To survive but most of all to enjoy yourself at your next visit to the cannabis farmers market, this article will cover the phenomenon, its history, and basic etiquette.

What Is a Cannabis Farmers Market?

A Cannabis Farmers Market is a venue for different homegrown cannabis suppliers to display their goods for usually low rent prices. A variety of local weed growers that sell their products can do so all at one place, providing many options for the crowds of people that flock to the area. Usually, these markets are in open areas and have a casual appeal about them— some vendors simply sell out of the back of their trucks. 

Whatever the cannabis farmers market looks like where you live, it is often associated with an enterprising air and a fun, light-hearted atmosphere.

The History Behind Cannabis Farmers Markets

cannabis farmers market

Where did it all start? There were whispers around the globe about Seattle’s Cannabis Farmers Market in 2010. Pioneered by Jeremy Miller, it was the first legal medical cannabis farmers’ market known internationally. Its origins were revolutionary as it served as a way to fight back against marijuana restrictions

It was an avenue for medical marijuana cardholders to acquire high-quality weed without much difficulty, especially if you were within the area. People from other states often traveled specifically to the place. This specific farmer’s market skyrocketed in popularity, the first of its kind.  

Why Go to a Cannabis Farmers Market?

So maybe after all of that, it sounds enticing to stop by a cannabis farmers market, but what other benefits are there? Why wouldn’t you just go to a dispensary or shop online? As you’ll see below, there are some things you can only experience and truly appreciate when you put yourself out there to embrace something new. 

To know exactly where you got your cannabis products

If you want to avoid buying brick weed or buying weed that might have spider mites or harmful contaminants, farmer’s markets are unlikely to have any of these. You can familiarize yourself with how your local cannabis sellers cultivate their weed because they are interactive at these venues. You can usually ask questions about the origin and conditions of their products. 

Growers will most likely be open to educating you about the particularities of their cannabis flowers, in fact, most would be thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss their process and products with fellow, like-minded cannabis connoisseurs. 

To support your local small businesses

Mom-and-pop shops are not only endearing. They cater to the specific taste and flavor preferred and needed in your community because they live right where you do. There is no manufactured feeling that you might get from browsing at huge commercialized businesses or stores. You can also feel good knowing you are contributing to small business owners’ income. Many family businesses start as dispensaries or stores and then eventually grow into massive enterprises. 

To spice up your stocks

You might be bored with your usual strains and want to see what else is out there. Due to the homey vibes you are most likely to find in local cannabis products, these could be the scene for you to add some variety to your regular marijuana routine. 

To connect with other cannabis lovers

You might be more likely to talk and acquaint yourself with others who use weed too if you live nearby. You can share tips, reviews, and recommendations over different products at the farmer’s market or from other local stores. Familiar and friendly faces might pepper through the venue for you to discuss relatable topics and build lasting relationships. 

Cannabis Farmers Market Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts 

cannabis farmers market


Try to go for smaller businesses first. Bigger dispensaries might also be selling at the farmers market but it doesn’t hurt to support those who usually don’t have as big of an audience.

Take as many free samples as you can. One of each item you are thinking of buying might be a good way to respect the shop while also helping you to decide whether the product is something you might be interested in. 

Mingle and ask about the products. You can find interesting or unique quirks that you might only find in the cannabis farmers market— something you can look forward to when visiting their main store. 

Haggle, especially if the owner of the weed store is open to negotiating. Great deals and discounts could save you lots of cash.

Enjoy yourself and the cannabis community culture in your area.


X Feel like you need to buy because you accepted free samples. Owners might want their name out there. They could be looking for you to come back another time or spread the word. 

X Haggle too much. If the owner states the last price more than once you might already have the best deal on the table.

X Be in other people’s faces too much. Be sensitive and keep a safe distance from strangers if they seem uncomfortable with interaction. 

Final Thoughts

Cannabis farmer’s markets can bring a plethora of new products to your eye line. These events can be a great chance for you to get to know local weed vendors and gain access to some of the best cannabis products on the market in your local area.