The majority of cannabis businesses can’t use banks and struggle to find cannabis-friendly payment processors due to cannabis’s schedule 1 status in the U.S. As an illegal substance, federally licensed banks can’t do business with any businesses that are in the industry. There’s a threat of picking up a charge for money laundering since the law states that banks are banned from accepting any money that comes from “criminal” proceeds, and they definitely consider cannabis profits illegal drug proceeds.

Between local laws and federal regulations, doing business outside of cash-only can be a challenge. Luckily, there have been more banking and payment processing solutions that specialize in working cannabis and CBD companies. Below you will see our ten favorite cannabis-friendly banking and payment processing solutions available in the United States. We also mention our three favorite companies in Canada and off shore.


The 10 Best Cannabis Friendly Payment Processors in the US for 2020

If you’re looking for a way to accept credit cards in your cannabis or medical marijuana dispensary or through your CBD eCommerce website, be sure to check out the top ten cannabis-friendly payment processors below.

e Merchant Broker:

eMerchant Broker, also known as EMB, is a collective of high-risk merchant account specialists serving the cannabis, e-cig, adult entertainment, gaming, and dozens of other industries. They are a payment processing and merchant services provider offering business funding, chargeback protection, check processing, merchant accounts, payment gateways, and international trade. To get started, start your consultation with EMB.

Nature Pay:

Nature Pay offers a variety of banking and payment processing solutions that support cannabis businesses. Some solutions include branded, reloadable debit cards, Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing, cannabis ATMs, legacy cash, and other banking services. NaturePay also offers installation, training, and support to their systems. To get started with NaturePay, contact them.

Sky High Moly

Sky High Moly is a Colorado-based merchant solution that specializes in the Cannabis, CBD, Kratom, Hemp, Edibles, and other high-risk industries. SkyHigh Moly’s merchant services cover ACH Processing, POS Integration, Cashless ATM, Pass-through Fees, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex Processing. Best of all, Skyhigh Moly will analyze your current credit card processing statement and offer a customized Merchant Service plan for your specific industry and business needs. All you have to do is contact them.

The Transaction Group:

The Transaction Group specializes in the cannabis industry, though it serves a variety of other high-risk industries, including international companies. They provide online and eCommerce payment solutions for cannabis businesses and other high-risk industries. They also offer POS systems as well as cash advances and e-checks. To get started, contact the Transaction Group directly.


CyoGate is a point of banking solution that offers payment solutions for the cannabis industry, including high risk and internet merchant accounts. They offer their own payment gateway and can process mobile credit card transactions. They provide business loans and chargeback prevention as well as several related services, like e-check processing, electronic invoicing, QuickBooks, and shopping cart software. To learn more, contact CyoGate directly.


Instabill provides merchant accounts and other cost-effective merchant account solutions for high-risk businesses and cannabis brands. They offer dozens of custom solutions, including alternative payments and credit card processing, and promise quick approvals. Start your consultation with Instabill online.


MMJPay is a payment processing and merchant services provider with a focus on compliance in the medical marijuana industry. However, they go beyond payment processing and offer a suite of financial solutions, including banking, POS, ATMs, and mobile payments. Get in touch with MMJPay to learn more.

420 Credit Card Processing:

420 Credit Card Processing is a cannabis-specific payment processing and merchant service. Along with credit card processing, they offer banking solutions, mobile solutions, ATMs, and POS software. To learn more about 420 Credit Card Processing and its service, visit them online.

GreenLeaf Pay

GreenLeaf Pay is another cannabis-centric payment processing company. They offer a complete POS system and can accept credit cards, both in-person and online. Best of all, they are Fully FinCEN Compliant and promise no hidden fees. GreenLeaf Pay is available for consultations, just visit them online first.

SQ Merchant Services:

SQ Merchant Services is based in Portland, Oregon, and offers a POS system as well as several other merchant account services. They offer payment processing, ATMs, and additional cash advances to high-risk industries, including cannabis. To learn more about SQ Merchant Services, visit them online.


Cannabis-Friendly Payment Processors in Canada

If you’re a cannabis business struggling to find a reliable payment processing company in Canada, have no fear. There are several Canadian cannabis-friendly companies to choose from:


Helcim processes for all industries in Canada, including high-risk industries like cannabis. They offer their own POS system and provide payment processing along with other merchant services. They can help with eCommerce, inventory, invoicing, and customer management. Helcim is an all-in-one payment processing solution. Get started with Helcim by visiting them online.

Integrated Merchant Services:

Integrated Merchant Services, also known as IMS, serve a variety of industries in Canada, including cannabis. IMS is an excellent choice if you need payment processing for eCommerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallets, Chargeback Management, Fraud Prevention, Tokenization, Data Encryption, and recurring billing. Visit Integrated Merchant Services online to learn more.

Globility Link:

Globility Link operates in the US and Canada, servicing the cannabis industry with payment processing, banking, and merchant account solutions. Globility Link will also offer cash advances to cannabis businesses. To learn more about Globility Link, visit them online.

Off Shore Cannabis-Friendly Payment Processors

If your business doesn’t qualify for any of the processors above, you may be considered a high-risk business. If you can’t obtain a merchant processing account in the united states, check out these offshore merchant service providers:

High-Risk Merchant Services:

High-Risk Merchant Services offers custom solutions for cannabis businesses in terms of payment processing and chargeback management in domestic and offshore companies. The company solves problems for companies that have trouble securing merchant solutions. To learn more about High-Risk Merchant Services and their solutions, visit them online.

Vantage Payments:

Vantage Payments supports dozens of high-risk industries both domestically and internationally. They provide solutions, including debit and credit card processing, multi-currency processing, e-checks, remote deposits, international merchant accounts, POS systems, virtual terminals, and gateway services. Get started by visiting Vantage Payments online.

SMB Global:

SMB Global provides merchant services for companies in high-risk industries, including cannabis. SMB Global provides high-risk merchant accounts, international and offshore banking, chargeback prevention, and eCheck solutions. To learn more about SMB Global, be sure to visit them online.

Why do cannabis companies need payment processing?

The cannabis industry has been a cash-only industry since its inception, mainly because cannabis businesses aren’t able to do business with federally licensed banks. Without the banks, it’s difficult for dispensaries to work with credit card processors, too.

Much like the banks, credit card giants like Visa and Mastercard won’t work with cannabis businesses either. To them, cannabis is too dangerous to work with due to its schedule 1 status, even though state-level cannabis businesses are thriving and paying taxes just like everybody else.

Merchants in the cannabis and CBD industries who do any type of business need to have a credit card processing service if they want to serve all of their potential customers. The ability to accept card transactions allows cannabis companies to remain competitive in an industry that everyone is getting involved with. It also allows them to be regulated and taxed and keep more detailed transaction records.

To be successful in the cannabis industry, credit card processing is essential. But how are cannabis companies getting around not being able to use them?

How dispensaries are currently getting around the banking crisis

Banks are hesitant to provide merchant services to cannabis businesses and dispensaries. Luckily, some have found a few workarounds that allow them to accept digital payments. These solutions aren’t entirely legal, so we don’t suggest using them for your cannabis business.

Some dispensaries lie on the application for a merchant account and misrepresent the business type and products sold to the banks or payment processors. Others utilize cashless ATM’s, which allow PIN-debit transactions that enable merchants to give customers change for on-site withdrawals from the ATM. Some stores use cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as digital payment, though e-currency can be challenging to obtain and spend.

Some cannabis businesses utilize smaller, 3rd party banks and credit unions to manage their money and accept payments. The payment processing companies we’ve listed in detail below are examples of such.

Are you a cannabis-friendly payment processing company?

If your company offers merchant account, banking, or payment processing solutions, reach out to us to list your merchant services on our website.