The health crisis brought a wave of changes to the cannabis industry, putting a spotlight on online marketing and advertising. These days, when people are obliged to stay home, many utilize search engines to look for medical marijuana, edibles, and cannabidiol products. This is the perfect time to invest highly in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve online presence and to reach more target markets.

Whether you are engaged in manufacturing, delivery services, or a dispensary at a specific location, you need reliable web services to achieve online goals. One way of targeting your audience and connecting to more people is by ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). If a web user searches for keywords like CBD, marijuana, or cannabis, your website can appear on top of the results page.

Before your website ranks on SERPs, you need to look into SEO and the factors that contribute to the success of the search engine optimization campaign. Heres a guide to cannabis SEO and building a dispensary website.

 SEO Building a Dispensary Website and Ranking on SERPsImportance of Building a Dispensary Website

The online market is broad, catering to a limitless audience across the globe. By building a website, you not only have an online portfolio of products available but also use this to connect to a wider audience. While traditional marketing is still effective, investing in your online platform provides a number of benefits. From providing more information about your dispensary and products to reaching out to more people, having a website is definitely a must.

Consider the dispensary website as an online catalog where business owners can publish content; contact information, a myriad of products, and services. When the web user looks for cannabis products, the website can show up and entice people to buy online.

1) Provide information

Combined with a well-designed website, dispensaries can gain potential consumers and improve sales. In fact, according to Sweor, 57 percent of Internet users wont recommend a business with a poorly designed website. The aesthetic aspect is only one factor that web users consider, and if this is improved, users can get an optimal experience and recommend the business to their family and friends.

In the case of the dispensary website, the design comes first followed by good content then responsiveness. No matter how appealing the website is, if the content isnt good, then people will simply move on to the next dispensary. Design and content work hand-in-hand to provide an exceptional user experience. The responsiveness of the website also matters as people these days use their mobile phones to search online.

A responsive website aligns content to a variety of devices, enhancing the viewing experience. This simply means the website can adapt based on the device used to view it. Website designers create different versions of the website to make the pages responsive to each device. For instance, viewing using a computer is different from using a smartphone. The design automatically adjusts to the screen size.

2) Reach more consumers

Now that were facing a health crisis brought by the pandemic, people limit going out of their homes and instead, look for businesses that provide online delivery. For dispensaries, this means building a website with e-commerce features such as Add to Cart, Checkout, and Enter Promocodes.

The scope of websites is vast, which means you can even get customers outside of your service areas. If you are providing delivery services for cannabis products like CBD, then you can cater to more customers. At this point, being available and reachable is as important as having a physical store.

When websites are equipped with e-commerce features, specifically an online bot to answer queries, customers can gain confidence in buying from a dispensary. This is important because most people find it hard to transact online. If different payment methods are available and dispensary websites ensure a proper collection of data, then consumers can easily sign up and avail cannabis products.

3) Boost Customer Loyalty

With promotions like product discounts, dispensary websites boost customer loyalty. This is also a strategy used by groceries and supermarkets. By providing points for every purchase, people will be able to buy only at a specific store to collect more points and use it for their benefit.

The same thing applies to the dispensary website, as customers want to collect as many points that they can redeem. If you dont have a site, you are losing a lot of potential customers within your service area.

Remember that a bigger number of consumers these days are using their mobile phones to transact. Having a website provides a lot of sales opportunities, compared to having none.

4) Promote New Products

The easiest way to advertise is to post new products on your website. Business owners dont need to pay for anything to publish the content and to share it with the whole world. Unlike television or print ads where you need to pay for airtime or buy space in magazines or newspapers, publishing on your website is definitely cheaper yet effective.

Of course, you do need search engine optimization to easily promote new products. Additionally, posting on social media is also integral to get more people to visit the website. By sharing the page link to the dispensarys social media page, followers can access the content and even share with their own accounts to reach a wider audience.

Tips to Rank on SERPs

The dispensary website can rank on the search engine results page only if several factors are met. Search engine optimization is a long process that involves a lot of things. From attending to the websitescontent to enhancing the website design, there is a lot to do.

However, digital specialists know exactly how to improve ranking on search engines. Here are some of the useful tips to do this.

1) Determine Site Issues

First thing is to look at the websites specific pages and look at search traffic. There are some issues that you should fix. Sometimes, the website performs poorly because of several issues like lack of proper keyword use, unresponsive design, and slow loading speed.

These are only minor issues that need to be fixed in order to rank of SERPs. As an entrepreneur, these aspects may be foreign, thats why consulting a digital solutions company is recommended. The experts can do the work and provide excellent fixes to ensure the website is performing well.

2) Publish Relevant Cannabis Content

Content is and will always be King, as the saying goes. With content, you can link several keywords like cannabis dispensary, CBD products at specific locations, and others. Utilizing the Google Trends and keyword research tools, linking helps to make your website appear trustworthy and reliable of cannabis-related information.

The truth is Google stores site information and uses this to provide answers to web users. By publishing good marijuana content, your website can appear relevant by search engines. Moreover, content is being crawled continuously; therefore, publishing regularly is important to be deemed active.

3) Add How-To Section on the Website

Google has featured snippets that appear on the results page. These are Q&A snippets that provide direct answers to web users queries. For instance, if the web user types in, where to find medical marijuana in DCGoogle provides the best results, plus a featured section that answers the same question or a related query.

To end up on the featured snippets, you need to publish content that answers the how, what, when, where, why, and who of web users. This is where the How-To section enters in providing relevant information to common questions on marijuana and cannabis products.

Answer the frequently asked questions to provide information about your products, services, and the whole marijuana industry.

4) Make Use of High-Quality Images and Videos

People are attracted to visuals, from images, animations, to videos. These all help to improve website traffic and ranking, because images can be crawled too. Additionally, these materials are best for engaging web users. According to Neil Patel, 65 percent of people watch at least three-quarters of a video.

Take note that the video should be high quality so Google can publish it to the featured snippets. Transcripts are also important to provide detailed information.

Dispensary WebsiteConclusion

Building a website and investing in search engine optimization (SEO) is worth it because dispensaries can expand reach and rank on SERPs. With an appealing and responsive website, dispensaries can serve its purpose of providing information about the cannabis products and catering to online orders or requests.

Because of the pandemic, many people rely on online services to get their hands on both medical and recreational marijuana. By having a robust online presence, dispensary websites can experience a spike in web traffic and sales.

Consult a digital marketing solution experts today to get started with the SEO campaign. Let the experts handle the work and fix website issues to help your page rank on search engines.

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